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Triathlon Training Week #4

Remember to double these workouts for the Olympic distance triathlon .

Monday April 23 - Day off!!!!

Tuesday April 24. Do a  30 minute swim followed by a 50 minute bike ride at 70% of maximum effort

Wednesday April 25 . Do a 40 minute run at 60% . Do five 1minute intervals at 80% . Make sure you rest for atleast 3 minutes between each one.

Thursday April 26. Day off!!!

Friday April 27 . Do a 1 hour bike ride . Start with a 10 minute warm up at 60% effort, and then do 3x10 minutes at 75% effort with 3 minutes of rest in between each one.Then  finish out the rest of the time at 60% effort.  Do a 20 minute light run right after you get off the bike.

Saturday April28. Swim workout- Warm up with  400m mixed strokes. Your main set will be a 2x300m swim with 20 seconds rest in between each. After that do 4x50m kick and finish with 200m easy swim. Go for an easy 30 minute bike ride sometime after your swim.

Sunday April 29. 1 hour easy bike ride at 65% followed by a 10 minute easy run.

Monday April 30. Day off!!!