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Triathlon training schedule week #5

Tuesday May 1- Go for an easy 40 minute run.

Wednesday May 2- Go for an easy bike ride for 1 hour at 60% of your maximum effort.

Thursday May 3- Day off!!!

Friday May 4- Go for a 30 minute swim . Start off your workout with a warm of 300m mixed strokes.  Your main set is 4X200m .Just work on technique and breathing. Try to make every fourth length a little faster . And follow it up with 4x50m kick . And finish with a 300m easy swim.

Saturday May 5- Go for a 1 hour bike ride followed by a 15min light jog.

Sunday May 6- Go to the pool and swim 2x400m . Dont worry about speed, just try to have good technique. Do a cool down of 200m easy swim, 100m easy kick and 100m easy swim.

Monday May 7- Day off!!!