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Triathlon training week #6

Tuesday May 8 - Swim 1500m as 300m mixed strokes. 5x200m at moderate to fast pace. 200m cool down. Go for a 45 minute run at 75% maximum effort.

Wednesday May 9 - Go for a one hour bike ride. Warm up for ten minutes and then ride for fourty minutes at  your Time Trial pace. Go for a 30 minute jog immediately after the bike.

Thursday May 10 - Go for a 2000m swim . Start with a 300m mixed stroke and kick to warm up . Do 4x100m drills of your choice . The main set will be 10x100m at your 90% effort . Follow this with a 300m cool down. Your second workout of the day will be a 1 hour and 10 minute bike ride, at 70%percent maximum effort.

Friday May 11 - Day off!!!

Saturday May 12 - Go for a 1 hour run . Do five one minute accelerations, and spread them out throughout the workout. Make sure you leave ten minutes at the end of the run to cool down.

Sunday May 13 - Go for an hour at 80% on the bike. Do a 5-10 minute warm up, and cool down.  Workout #2 is a 20 minute swim at your best pace. Just do a 100m easy swim at first to get lose and then do the 20 minute TT .

Monday May 14 - Day off!!!1