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Triathlon training schedule week #7

Tuesday May 15 - Go for a 50 min run.

Wednesday May 16 - Do a 2000m swim consisting of a 300m mixed stroke warm up, 4x100m kick, 10x100m swim and a 300m cool down . Your second workout of the day will be a 1hour and ten minute bike ride. Do five three minute accelerations during your ride.

Thursday May 17 - Go for a 1 hour long bike ride. Gradually build  to  75% of your maximum effort and hold for the remainder of the workout. Your second workout is to find a gradual hill, not to steep. Do  ten minute warm up and then do five hill sprints at 85% of your maximum effort.

Friday May 18 - Do a 2300m swim . Start with a 300m mixed stroke warm up, followed by 3x100m kick . The do a 4x50m of drills (your choice). Then do a 1000m TT. The rest of the swim will be a cool down.

Saturday May 19 - Do a 1hour and 30 minute bike ride at your 75% maximum effort . Follow the bike ride with a 30 minute run.

Sunday May 20 - Do a 2000m swim consisting of a 300m mixed stroke warm up , 4x100m kick, 12 x 100m swim and a 100m cool down.

Monday May 21 - Day off!!!

Tuesday May 22- Day off!!!

Wednesday May 23 - Do a 45 minute bike ride at 60 % maximum effort followed by a 20 minuet slow jog.