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Triathlon training week #9

Tuesday May 28th - Go for a 2300m swim . The swim will consist of a 300m mixed stroke warm up. Then do 2x800m free followed by 2x100m kick . Cool down 200m easy swim.

Wednesday May 29th - Go for a 1 hour bike ride at 75% max effort. Follow the bike ride with a 30 minute run. Do 4x1minute intervals at 90% throughout your workout.

Thursday May 30th- Go for a 1500m swim . Do 400m mixed strokes to warm up. Your main set is going to be a 750m time trial . Then cool down with a 350m easy swim . Go for a 45 minute run at 70% of maximum effort.

Friday May 31st - Day off!!

Saturday June 1st- Take part in some way at the 2007 Red Island Relay.

Sunday June 2nd - Day off!!!

Monday June 3rd- Go for a 1hour long bike ride at 75% max effort.