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Triathlon training week #10

Tuesday June 4, 2007 - Go to the pool. 2200m swim consisting of 400m mixed strokes warm up, followed by 15x100m at the same pace. 300m cool down.

Wednesday June 5 - Bike 1:30  . Do a ten minute warm up and  Go for a forty-five minute TT. Finish the rest of the ride off slowing your heart rate down.

Thursday June 6 - Go for a 1 hour bike ride at 70% max effort and go for a  thirty minute run right after you finish your bike ride.

Friday June 7 - Go to the pool and do 2300m . Start with a 400m mixed stroke warm up, followed by a 8x50m drills of your choice. After the drills do 6x200m moderate . Speed up on every fourth length to race pace. 300m cool down.

Saturday June 8 - Day off!!!

Sunday  June 9 - Go for a 1 hour long run at a moderate pace.

Monday June 10 - Day off !!!