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Triathlon Training, Week #1

Week #1 of the 2007 Triathlon by the Sea training schedule. If you are training for the Olympic distance Triathlon then you should double the time on each workout. This week as well as the next couple of weeks will be for base building. You must go slow before you can go fast.

Monday April 2,2007. Day off!!!

Tuesday April 3, 2007 . Find a pool and swim continuously for 15 minutes.(Just get the feel for the water) 

Wednesday April 4, 2007.  Easy bike ride for 30 minutes.

Thursday April 5, 2007. Day off!!!

Friday April 6, 2007. Go for a easy 20 minute run.

Saturday April 7, 2007. Go for a easy 40 minute bike ride, followed by a 10 minute light jog.

Sunday April 8, 2007. Day off!!!