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Triathlon Training Week #2

Double these workouts, if you plan on racing in the Olympic distance race.

Monday April 9, 2007 Day off!!!

Tuesday April 10, 2007 . Workout #1-  Find a pool and swim for 20 minutes. Just try to get the feel for the water. Work on stroke technique and breathing. Workout #2 Do a 30 minute bike ride at 60% of your  maximum effort.

Wednesday April 11, 2007. Workout #1 Go for a 25 minute light run .

Thursday  April 12, 2007 . Day off!!!

Friday April 13, 2007 . Do a 25 minute swim. You should still be finding your stroke.

Saturday April 14, 2007 . Go for a 40 minute bike ride at 65% effort  and a very slow 15 minute jog right after the bike.

Sunday April 15, 2007 . Day off!!!

Remember when you are swimming to reach out as far as you  can . The key to a good triathlon swim is learning how to glide in the water. Using  long strokes when swimming  is  the best way to glide . Good luck this week . I hope everyone has fun.