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Triathlon Training Week #3

Triathlon training schedule for week #3  If you are training for the Olympic distance race then double these workouts.

Monday April 16, 2007 Day off!!!

Tuesday April 17, 2007 . Go for a 40 minute bike ride at 65% of maximum effort, followed by a 15min very easy run.

Wednesday April 18, 2007. Find a pool and swim for 25 minutes. Do a set of 4x50m with a 10 second rest after each 50m

Friday April 19, 2007 . Go for a 30 minute easy run at 65% of your maximum effort. Do five, 30 second sprints at 90% of maximum effort . Make sure you have atleast two minutes rest between each one.

Saturday April 20, 2007. Day off!!!

Sunday April 21, 2007. Workout #1 Go for a 25 minute swim and work on your stroke technique and endurance. Workout #2 . Go for a 50 minute easy bike ride at 60% of your maximum effort.