Frequently Asked Questions...

How Far are you from the confederation Trail?
The Trail is only a 2 or 3 minute bike ride away from us. our staff will give you the quickest and easiest route to get there.
What is the best way to travel the Confederation Trail?
Because of the winds it is usually better to travel from West to East if you are planning to ride it tip to tip.
How long should we take to travel the Confederation Trail?
Although it can be done in 2 or 3 days the groups that ride the Trail in 5 to 7 days seem to have the most fun. Doing it over this period in time leaves you more time to enjoy the stops along the way and really make it a vacation.
How many Free Tune ups do I get with my new bike?
The amount of free tune ups you get on your new bike purchased with Smooth Cycle is UNLIMITED. The more often you bring your bike in for service the less time it will take. Remember that Smooth will always take a bike sold from here on trade. A bike with a good service record will hold its value much longer.