Pickup & Delivery Service...

If you live in the Charlottetown area, take advantage of our Pickup & Delivery Service.  That's right!  For a nominal fee, Smooth Cycle will come to your home and pickup any bicycle(s) that need a tune-up or repairs and return them. No more hassles of putting your bike in your trunk, scratching it and your car!

Shop Tune-ups...

Over time your bike is going to wear, loosen and generally lose its "crispness"... this is normal. From spoke nipples loosening, to cables stretching, to bearing seating, your bike is always "wearing" and "settling in". Regular maintenance will keep your bike in top shape and avoid any costly damage due to neglect. However, there is nothing like a tune up done by a professional mechanic at your local bike shop to really bring it all together. They will true the wheels, adjust and regrease major bearing assemblies, replace cables, dial in your shifting system, inspect tubes, etc.. Annually treat yourself and your investment to a thorough tune-up at a bike shop.

Bicycle tune-ups start at only $34.99.

Our DriveTrain Cleaning/Tune-up package includes removal and cleaning of the chain, cogs, chainrings, derailleurs, and cranks. The drivetrain is reinstalled, adjusted and lubed.

Our comprehensive Bicycle Overhaul package gets the entire bicycle stripped down to a bare frame. Every part of the bicycle is cleaned; hub, headset and bottom bracket bearings are cleaned and regreased, wheels are trued and brakes and derailleurs are cleaned and readjusted. The bike should leave the shop working "like new".

Winter sport services include ski and snowboard tune-ups, (waxing, edge sharpening, base grinding).

Stop by with your equipment and let us help you get the most out of your sport!