Touring Ideas


Charlottetown is the historical provincial capital (the birth place of our country). The trip from Borden to Charlottetown along the Trans Canada Highway (#1) has three medium size hills along. Along this route you will be struck by how green the fields are and around each hill you will be struck by the changing scenery. It is almost as if it was done on purpose for the tourist business. If seascapes are your thing, when you get to the village of Desable, hang a right and travel the Blue Heron Route along Argyle Shore, Canoe Cove, and Rocky Point.

Now using Charlottetown as your base, it is a 90-to-120 minute ride to the North Shore and an opportunity to visit the other beaches and fishing villages (Brackley, Stanhope, and Dalvay).

Again using Charlottetown as a base to visit the eastern end of the Island, it is 180 kms (110 miles) to go up around East Point using the route designated "The King's Byway". Taking the St. Peters Road out of Charlottetown, you will travel the North Shore and gulf side of the island. Halfway round, there are campgrounds located at Campbell's Cove and Red Point.

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