Touring Ideas

Dalvay By The Sea Aera...

Suggestion... Leave Dalvay Hotel and turn right into the National Park. Cycle to Route 6.. turn right.. watch for some wild blueberries in the ditches.. cycle to intersection of Route 25. You can take the Bay Shore Road back to the park, or stay on Route 6 and cycle to Brackley Beach. Then follow Route 15 up and into the National Park and then return to Dalvay By The Sea Hotel. Don't miss the Bubbling Springs and Farmland trails. The long ride is about 25 km.

Suggestion... Leave Dalvay Hotel, turn left and cycle to Brackley Beach, then down to Oyster Bed Bridge, then down Route 251 to Wheatley River (hilly section). Now take Route 243 up to South Rustico, turn right.. then left onto Route 242. Take the Cymbria loop and return to the National Park. Don't miss the Dunes Studio. Round trip approximately 50 km.

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